Think Big

The Inception X1 has one of the largest build volumes in its class, with a max print size of 340mm in XYZ. This extra build capacity broadens your creative possibilities while removing the tedious task of splitting objects down into smaller pieces.

The Inception X1 also has one of the largest dual extrusion volumes, providing soluble support, multi-material or dual colour printing on a larger scale than ever before.


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Inception X1 has been optimised specifically for ultra high-quality printing, The exceptionally rigid chassis minimises vibration providing smooth, precise layer alignment for professional level results.

Interchangeable nozzles ranging in sizes from 0.2mm for small, detailed prints to 0.8mm large models with incredibly short print times. For abrasive composite materials such as CF-PLA or Wood-Fill PLA, hardened steel nozzles can be utilised to improve reliability and layer consistency over long prints.

100% OPen source

Learn the ins and outs of the printer with its fully open source hardware and software, designed in free to use software perfect for students, educators or enthusiasts.

Fusion 360 gives you the power to customise any component, develop your own designs and modifications or collaborate with others in the 3D printing community. For more information visit

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Build quality

The Inception X1 utilises the very best of British engineering, manufactured in-house with state of the art CNC machinery to the highest standards. The use of industrial grade precision components and bespoke electronics provide a stable and accurate platform for smooth, high-quality and high-speed printing. 

Featuring an innovative tilting dual extrusion technology, the Inception X1 Duo produces exceptionally clean, contamination free multi-materials models. Dual E3D hot ends provide reliable and consistent extrusion in a range of advanced materials, from polycarbonate to carbon fibre composites. 

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