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The Inception Machines ARCMILL takes an evolutionary step in the performance of benchtop CNC machines. Unifying speed, rigidity and flexibility in a sleek easy to assemble platform. The ARCMILL is designed to meet the ever-growing demands of the maker, enthusiast and small business that strive to create, share and innovate

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Dynamic Motion

High-torque Nema 23 stepper motors teamed with our proprietary ARC-controller, provides ARCMILL with smooth and accurate motion at cutting speed of over 5000mm/min (196in/min)

Steel re-enforced, extra wide 15mm HTD3M belts give the ARCMILL the power to mill through wood, plastics and non-ferrous materials.

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ARCMILL utilises heavy duty aluminium extrusion for its construction, providing one of the most rigid and stable cutting platforms in its class.

15mm profiled linear guides offer smooth and precise motion while enhancing rigidity over its v-wheel competitors.



ARCMILL’s modular wasteboard design gives you the opportunity to use multiple workholding methods on the one machine. From vices to edge clamps too small lathe chucks.

Check out our series of videos demonstrating the capabilities of the ARCMILL

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45mm Diameter 6063-T6 Aluminium Hub

10mm Maple Coasters

Solid Walnut Moon Globe Base

4mm 6082-T6 Aluminium Bottle Opener

Walnut Moon Globe Base

Walnut Wave 1/4” Router Bit Holder

15mm American White Oak, 3mm Black and Blue Acrylic Logo Sign



ARCMILL adopts the German-designed Estlcam control/CAM software aimed at giving users a feature rich, easy to use experience. Combining both CAM and CNC control into one package simplifies your workflow and allows you to get machining quicker.

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easy to use

Estlcam is intuitive CNC controller with integrated CAM, allows you to create simple to complex toolpaths from your dxf's


Easy to use tool management with completely customisable settings, ideal for both the beginner and advanced user

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Machine complex 2.5D or 3D parts with a variety of toolpaths including engraving, trochoidal milling, thread milling and chamfering

Fast Workflow

Import your DXF’s and use the in-built automated feature selector to generate all the tool paths at the push of a button


Technical Specifications

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Maximum Machine Travel

X-Axis: 620mm • 24.4in
Y-Axis: 620mm • 24.4in
Z-Axis: 100mm • 3.9in

Table Size

X-Axis: 680mm • 26.7in
Y-Axis: 680mm • 26.7in
Gantry Cleareance: 90mm • 3.5in

Machine Foot Print

Length: 900mm • 35.4in
Width: 910mm • 35.8in
Height: 490mm • 19.2in
Weight: 42kg • 92lbs

Maximum Cutting Feed Rate

X-Axis: 5000mm/min • 196in/min
Y-Axis: 5000mm/min • 196in/min
Z-Axis: 1250mm/min • 49in/min

Spindle Mount

Standard spindle mount: 69mm (compatible with Dewalt DW611/D26200 not included)

Reducers available for Makita RT0700C / 65mm Brushless spindle.


ARC-Controller with Estlcam
XY-Axis Motors: Nema 23
Z-Axis Motor: Nema 17
Power Requirements: 100-240V 60W

All specifications subject to change

ARCMILL is designed to take your capabilities as a maker to the next level and tackle any material you throw at it, from MDF to Nylon to Aluminium. The ARCMILL kit comes semi-assembled so you can get up and running as soon as possible.

£1998 inc vat • £1665 ex vat

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ARCMILL Kit Contents:

  • Aluminium Extrusions

  • Aluminium Connector Plates

  • Profiled Linear Guides

  • Dust Covers

  • Spindle Mount (spindle motor not included)

  • 18mm MDF Wasteboards

  • Fixings and fasteners

  • ARC-Controller board

  • Wiring Harness

  • Homing Switches

  • XYZ Axis Stepper Motors

  • Power Adapter

  • Estlcam Control software