Introducing ARCMILL

Today Inception Machines launches the ARCMILL, an evolutionary step in the bench-top CNC routing world, designed to broaden the capabilities of the maker, enthusiast and small business.

ARCMILL Scene 2 (Custom).jpg

We at Inception Machines envision a time where everyone has the necessary tools at their disposal to take an idea, develop it, evolve it and manufacture it into a product which may one day make an impact. ARCMILL was designed to lower the barrier of entry into the CNC manufacturing world without compromising on quality or performance needed to get the job done.

Over the past year and a half, we have gone through countless iterations of the ARCMILL. Some versions barely made it out of the design stage, each time learning a new lesson which can apply to the next. We have had the pleasure of speaking to makers, schools and small business owners about their experiences with CNC machines from entry-level to industrial. ARCMILL was born out of a desire to strike a middle ground and offer what users need without breaking the bank.


We tested numerous types of extrusion profiles, assessing their versatility, deflection and stability characteristics. The ARCMILL’s extrusion-based construction is 15x stronger than competitors, resulting in significantly higher rigidity and vibration absorption.

Our initial beta testers loved the modularity of the ARCMILL’s wasteboard, the ability to combine multiple clamping and fixturing methods all on one machine, set up and ready to go. As a result of this, we expanded on the concept by implementing additional mounting points for personal modifications and future upgrades.

We plan to open up pre-orders in March 2019, with ARCMILL being fully available shortly after.

Thank you, and we hope you will join us in Inceptions Machines next step on bringing the ARCMILL to life. If you have any question or want some more information, please get in touch.